Plasthing filter nozzles are created to guarantee the customer an excellent result on molded components.
Created with the use of noble steels that undergo various treatments, the filter nozzles guarantee unique performance by minimizing the pressure drop of the press.
Plasthing filter nozzles can be used on any type of press and are custom designed from the back to the front so as to guarantee excellent results for any type of application.
Also excellent for materials with additional charges with a special internal jacket built with the aim of guaranteeing and protecting the filtering body in the best possible way and ensuring a long life.
The internal filter blocks have been designed to have a rare and easy to carry out maintenance.


Filters can be incorporated into any injection moulding press according to type. To select a filter the following alternative should be noted:

  • Free or Shut-off Nozzle
  • Small Block: determination of passages, bearing in mind hat the filtering area should be smaller than the injection one. Total passage area is also specified for consideration, to avoid possible charge losses.
  • Head: choose the correct type to match the hot tip bushing or feed bush.