Plasthing single injection systems are designed and built to measure for the customer.
Plasthing’s many years of experience on single plastic injection systems together with the use of noble materials guarantee high performance with maximum productivity and long life.


Single bushings can be utilised for single impression moulds with only one injection point directly onto the part or they can be used to feed a number of cavities via a small sprue and runner. The selection of the bushing is governed by the following considerations:

  • Injection Volume: Each type of single bushing has a maximum specified injection capacity but this is governed by a wide variety of influencing factors including the type of material and the final design of the part.
  • “L” Dimension: lengths are available from 30 to 300 mm measured from the feed point to the front of the first location shoulder.
  • Ø f x Ø p: dimensions defined with Plasthing Technical Dept. to determine optimum size from type of thermoplastic injection material, weight and other characteristics of the component to be moulded.


ingle Bushings main denomination:

  • PSS
  • ICS
  • OSS
  • VSS

 N Version = normal = Ø the diameter D of the N front section appears as a witness mark on the moulded part.

T Version = topless = injection point only on the moulded part.

All of the various types and versions can be supplied with a special tip to eliminate the wear problems associated with filled materials such as lass fibre.