Plasthing designs and builds multiple injection systems tailored solutions for the customer.
Plasthing’s decades of experience in the production of multiple plastic injection systems guarantees maximum performance and high productivity efficiency thanks to the use of noble materials and high-precision processing to ensure long-term guaranteed performance for our polymer injectors.


Multi hot tip bushing are associated with injection units for multi-impression molds. In selecting the injectors, the following data must be considered:

  • Indicative injection volume: informative but not decisive data, depending on different variants, which take into consideration the final product.
  • “L” Dimension: he normalized lengths range from 30 to 300 mm depending on the type.
  • Ø f x Ø p: data to be determined in collaboration with our. technical office to choose the most appropriate dimensions based on the thermoplastic material, weight, and other characteristics of the particular to be printed.


General name of Multi Hot Tip Bushing :

  • PSM
  • ICM
  • OMS
  • VMS

N Version= normal = Ø D on the printed detail

T Version= trunk = single injection point.

All types and versions can be equipped with a special needle for the injection of the loaded thermoplastics.