Temperature regulator lc 3500 dual

Compact, Versatile, Modular Series Performance and Certificated Thermocontroller.

Each Cavaglià Plasthing electronic equipment is made with the use of materials and components certified by the most important national and foreign quality brands.
The strict tests to which our products are subjected guarantee their perfect functioning and reliability over time our products comply with the RoHS directives

centralina termocontroller


  • Microprocessor based
  • Thermo-couple (J or K) protected input
  • Regulation range 0-900° C
  • Reference junction compensation
  • Digit display provides readout of temperature
  • Lexan data entry keypad
  • PID control algorithm
  • Auto-reset mechanism protects against short blackouts
  • Auto/manual operation
  • Static output with ZERO-CROSSING switch
  • High speed 16A protection fuse
  • Adjustable max and min temperature alarms
  • Pre-heating phase variable
  • 2 Led indicators for operative mode
  • All possible malfunctions signalled on display
  • Self tuning of pid parameters defining the proper functioning of the system
  • HDB = reporting to the load condition by reading the current
  • Removable front
  • Key copy for multicontrol: set point, boost, standby parameters
  • Power supply 230 or 270 V one phase; 230 three phase + neutral %=..60 Hz frequency

Optional Features

  • Visual and acoustic alarm
  • External alarm connector for maintenance temperature control
  • Programmable instrument start-up