Molds Services

Cavaglià Plasthing has been designing and manufacturing prototype and production molds related to the plastic and blanking world for over 40 years. The evolution of the company with the acquisition of expert technicians, specialized operators and latest generation machinery allow Cavaglià Plasthing to produce high performance molds using only noble raw materials which, after the necessary treatments, guarantee a long duration over time and excellent performance. .

The company is certified by 15/10/98 to the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015.


In the birth of a new product, the making of the molds represents a crucial moment. The starting point is the design, Plasthing makes use of forty years of experience in the sector.

In recent years he has designed molds for every type of product and sector, from medical to automotive, passing through cosmetics, white, and the product range confirms this. Plasthing collaborates with customers for the optimal realization of the equipment on time and in compliance with the technical specifications; all this also thanks to the competence of the internal designers and the professionalism of the mold makers with whom it collaborates. But experience alone is not enough, Plasthing is equipped with the most modern and best mold design software such as Visi from Vero Solutions.

Progettazione sistemi iniezione plastica


To identify the ideal area for the insertion of the injection point, identify any sucks, joint areas and deformations, Plasthing considers flow analysis essential. The Company is equipped with Vero Solutions’ Visi-Flow.


The production of high performance molds consists of building:

  • Thermoplastic molds
  • Blanking dies
  • Special machinery (for testing and assembling)
  • Small production batches
  • Any other tool

To meet the customer’s needs, the molds are followed in the design step by step. The finished molds are supplied complete with project and certified sampling.

The machines, the assembly systems, the test benches and the various equipment are supplied in the “Turnkey” formula complete with “CE” documentation with use and maintenance manual and risk analysis.


Plasthing is equipped with advanced technologies in terms of metrological instrumentation for dimensional check. All the products will be provided, upon request, with certificates and inspection reports.

Once the mold has been built, the injection system has been built and the whole ‘plasthing’ horse has been tested internally thanks to the internal presses, this allows the customer to be able to evaluate the work performed directly by observing the final component and knowing exactly everything about the molding process to be make.

The company owns the following software:

  • Autocad 2D
  • Vero Cad-Cam with Visi Flow
  • Metrolog X4