Plasthing’s experience in the field of thermoplastic molding has allowed the development of new hybrid injectors called IC. The IC injectors, like all the other Plasthing products, are composed of completely interchangeable parts, which allow the various elements to be replaced independently, with truly reduced maintenance costs.

They are heated internally by micro-resistances with built-in thermocouple and externally by a 230 V spiral resistance and equipped with a thermocouple for temperature control.

IC, Independent Control, highly performing hybrid system.
Independent multizone control with injection from 0 ° to 90 ° inclination on the tip.
The fully customizable configuration makes it versatile, unique and interchangeable in all applications.


IC injectors can be utilized with different type of Moulds. In selecting the injectors, the following data must be considered:

  • Indicative injection volume:informative but not decisive data, depending on different variants, which take into consideration the final product.
  • “L” Dimansion: the normalized lengths range from 30 to 300 mm depending on the type.
  • Ø f x Ø p: data to be determined in collaboration with our. technical office to choose the most appropriate dimensions based on the thermoplastic material, weight, and other characteristics of the particular to be printed.


General name of IC injectors:

  • ICM
  • ICS

N Version= normal = Ø D on the printed detail

 T Version= trunk = single injection point.

All types and versions can be equipped with a special needle for the injection of the loaded thermoplastics.